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Terms & Conditions


1. Scope of application:

These general terms and conditions of business apply to all reservations and guest accommodation contracts concluded in The Cristallo Resort Santiniketan and third parties (Guests), and to any other services provided made by The Cristallo Resort. Guests should note that any reservation numbers they receive from third parties (e.g. internet portals) are not identical to the reservation or booking number of The Cristallo Resort. Any offers made by the Cristallo Resort to conclude a contract for accommodation are subject to change and are non-binding. The Cristallo Resort is entitled to refuse to conclude a contract for accommodation with a guest at its discretion.

2. Reservations/resale:

Reservations may only be made electronically via the online and directly by phone of The Cristallo Resort or through third parties/intermediaries (e.g. online booking portals). Reservations by any travel agency or other non-automated reservation methods are subject to the prior consent of The Cristallo Resort.

By reserving a hotel room, Guests of our resort enter into a contract for accommodation. If available, Guests will receive a reservation/booking reference/email from the resort. This will result in a contract for accommodation. This agreement is binding for both parties to the contract. There is no entitlement to a certain room. Resort management reserves the right to rent out the reserved rooms to another party after expiration or cancellation of the reservation. Guests will receive an email with booking/reservation confirmation right after the booking & advance payment done. It is prohibited to resell/sub-let and/or pass on booked rooms to third parties. In particular, it is not permitted to pass on rooms and/or room allocations to third parties at higher prices than the actual room prices. It is likewise not permitted to assign or sell any claim against The Cristallo Resort. In such a case, The Cristallo resort is entitled to cancel the booking, in particular, if a Guest has provided false information about the type of booking or payment when assigning or selling the claim to the third party. Use of the hotel room for a purpose other than that of accommodation is expressly prohibited.

Reservations of more than 01 room fall under the group reservation/arrangement of The Cristallo resort. For such bookings, a separate contract for accommodation is to be concluded and confirmed by The Cristallo Resort, containing special conditions regarding provisions of cancellation and payment conditions (advance deposit). Resort management reserves the right to refuse group reservations, for which such a contract for accommodation/advance payment has not been concluded, or to cancel without replacement.

4. Cancellation Policy:

Weekends & Weekdays —

50% Advance should be made to confirm the booking.

  1. Rescheduling  of the dates is possible if canceled on or before 12 days from your check in date , advance amount will be adjusted.
  2. Rescheduling of the dates is not possible if canceled 12 days to check in date Or on check in date Or No Show, advance amount will be charged as cancellation fee.

Note: Whether any guest book single or group reservations , the above mentioned cancellation policy will be applicable.

3. Registration forms and the passing on of personal data:

Guests are obliged to provide their personal information, as well as any additional relevant information for registration purposes.

4. Taxes, fees and duties:

The applicable prices correspond to the total price and are inclusive of all statutory taxes, fees and duties. In the event of any changes to the tax rates, fees and duties and the effective collection of new taxes, fees or duties of which the parties were not previously aware, Ruby GmbH reserves the right to adjust the prices accordingly. The accommodation prices shown refer to the room price per night.

5. Means of payments:

Valid means of payment for stays at the hotel are Master Card, Visa Card, Diners Card and American Express, as well as other alternative payment methods in Euro indicated on the website of The Cristallo resort. 

6. Options of use of reserved rooms:

Reserved rooms are at the Guest’s disposal from 12.30 pm on the date of arrival until 11.00am on the date of departure. On the date of departure, Guests are required to return their rooms to The Cristallo resort by 11.00am, tidy and without any damage. If, contrary to agreement, Guests fail to return their room on the date of departure by 11.00 am in a tidy condition, this will lead to an obligation to pay to the Cristallo Resort in a fee equal to the price of the damages happened. The Guest is allowed to produce evidence that a loss or a decrease in value to Cristallo Resort through the delayed return of the hotel room, has either not been caused at all or to a considerably lower amount than the above lump sum fee for damages. Furthermore, should Guests return their room late or in an untidy condition, The Cristallo Resort reserves the right to have the room tidied up by its personnel and to keep in the hotel any objects of the Guest brought to the room. For any such objects kept, The Cristallo Resort declines any further liability beyond the liability provisions set forth in these terms and conditions of business.

7. Options of use of public areas:

With the reservation and booking of a room, the guest can use the designated public areas, such as the Lawn, swimming pooletc. without any extra costs. The Cristallo Resort reserves the right to close the public areas on a short notice without warning. In case of non-availability of a public area, ​​the guest is not entitled to full or partial reimbursement of payment for accommodation services. The public areas are not considered to be part of the Accommodation Agreement for the booked hotel room.

8. Liability of the Guest:

Guests must treat the hotel room with care. Persons under 18 years must be accompanied by an adult. Children under the age of 14 must be supervised by a grown-up guest at all times during the hotel stay.  Guests are liable for any damage caused by them, and for consequential damage. This includes, even in the case of slight negligence, any unreasonable dirt, any damages and the cost incurred for a fire alarm, which has been caused through the stay in the hotel room. The use of electronic devices brought along by guests, such as kettles, irons or hair dryers is not permitted due to fire protection measures. Should costs arise, such as a fire alarm or damage to the interior, through use of such mentioned items the guest is fully liable for costs that arise. 

9. Food and drink brought into the hotel:

In the common areas, it is prohibited to consume food and drinks which have been brought along. Breakfast can only be consumed in the restaurant. It is prohibited to prepare food in the hotel rooms. Guest can drink alcoholic or nonalcoholic drinks in the room only. 

10. Pets:

If guest wants to bring their pets (not more than one per room), they have to inform prior of the check in date or during making the reservation. After informing to the resort management, resort officials will send a pet policy agreement to the guest and guest has to sign on the agreement and this has to be followed and guest is responsible to strictly abide by all the rules and regulations.

12.Electricity: During power cut except air conditioning, everything will be available in the room. In such cases, the guest is not entitled to full or partial reimbursement of payment for accommodation services.

13. Domiciliary right:

The Cristallo resort reserves the right to send Guests away from the hotel. This applies in particular, if Guests do not observe instructions given by hotel employees, express themselves in a discriminating manner, harass or endanger other guests.

14. Final provisions:

In the event of any conflict between the contract for accommodation and these terms and conditions of business, the provisions of the contract for accommodation will prevail. The contract for accommodation and these terms and conditions of business contain all agreements between the parties relating to the subject matter of the contract. No additional verbal agreements to the contract for accommodation have been made. Any modifications or amendments must be made in writing. Any statements and notifications necessary, pursuant to the contract for accommodation and these terms and conditions of business must be made in writing, unless expressly agreed otherwise. The Cristallo resort is entitled to assign any rights or claims arising from the contract for accommodation to third parties. The Cristallo Resort is entitled to have obligations arising from and in connection with the contract for accommodation fulfilled by third parties.